Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10.
Processor: 700Mhz or higher
System Memory: 128MB or greater
Hard Disk Space: 3MB


When you first start it up, it will ask you if you want to register it. Follow the instructions on screen to do so.

Or, you can click here to purchase Yahoo IMAP Connector, and a registration code will be sent to you. You can then enter this code when Yahoo IMAP Connector prompts you to do so.

You will typically receive an email within 5 minutes with the registration code. Note that during times of high activity, this may take up to 24 hours. The email will be sent to the email address you supplied when purchasing Yahoo IMAP Connector. Also, after purchasing the software, you will be immediately redirected back to our website where your registration code will be provided right away.
It costs $9.95 USD for one user license, which allows you to use it on 1 computer.
Volume discounts are available. For more information, contact for the latest pricing.

Trial Functionality

Full functionality is supported - no features are disabled during the trial.


Once Yahoo IMAP Connector has been installed, it will launch automatically when you login to your computer, asssuming you didn't disable this option during installation.

Or, you can start it manually from its desktop shortcut (look for 'Yahoo IMAP Connector' on your desktop), or from the Start Menu at (Start > Programs > Yahoo IMAP Connector > Yahoo IMAP Connector)

Importantly, if you want to check your Yahoo! email from your desktop email client, you need Yahoo IMAP Connector to be running on your machine.

Follow these steps:
  1. Make sure Yahoo IMAP Connector is installed on your computer.
  2. Make sure Yahoo IMAP Connector is running on your computer. Look for its icon in the lower right corner of the screen (a.k.a. 'tray icon').
  3. Start up your email client
  4. Make sure your email client is configured to use Yahoo IMAP Connector for sending/receiving your Yahoo! email.
  5. Check your email using your email client as you normally would. You may have to perform a manual 'send/receive' by pressing F5 or F9, or selecting 'send/receive' from the menu of your email client.
Here are some tips if you are having problems getting email with Yahoo IMAP Connector:
  • Make sure Yahoo IMAP Connector is installed and running on your computer.
  • Make sure your email client is configured to use Yahoo IMAP Connector for sending/receiving your Yahoo! email.
  • Make sure your computer is connected to the internet.
  • Check if your ISP blocks TCP port 143 outgoing (very unlikely). If so, you won't be able to use Yahoo IMAP Connector, or any IMAP email client.
When you start Yahoo IMAP Connector, it will periodically check for updates (assuming you kept the default choices in the installer). Or, you can also check for updates manually by going to Start > Programs > Yahoo IMAP Connector > Get Updates.
On the main screen, you will see a blue question mark (?) icon in the lower right corner. Click on this to bring up the help system. Or, you can also press the "F1" key at any screen, or use the (?) box at the top right of the screen.

Because Yahoo IMAP Connector simply provides an interface to the Yahoo! email servers, you can setup your other computers/devices on your home network to use it. Once it is installed on a particular windows computer, make sure that TCP Port 27143 is allowed through the firewall (or you allow the program "C:\Program Files\Bravura\Yahoo IMAP Connector\YahooImap.exe" through your firewall).

Then, simply configure your other computer to check for email using the generic instructions here, but use the IP Address of your computer on which Yahoo IMAP Connector is installed (or network host name), instead of ''.

You can use this to give your Apple IPod, Apple IMac or any other computer on your network access to your Yahoo! email.