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Speed Up, Clean, and Optimize Your Slow Computer

Is your PC slow? Does it take forever to start up? Are you wasting valuable time constantly waiting for your PC?

Bloat Buster is the first software product of its kind to comprehensively tune and speed up your computer.

It cleans and fixes:

  • Startup Programs
  • Installed Programs
  • System Settings
  • Junk Files

Bloat Buster works the same way an expert technician does when optimizing your slow computer. It uses industry best practises for improving your PC's bootup time, and reducing its memory usage.

While other programs may claim to speed up your computer, Bloat Buster is one of the few that actually will. In fact, we are so confident of its ability that we offer a full 30-day money back guarantee, with no questions asked.

Just like regular maintenance is essential for your car, so too it is for your computer. Left on its own, your computer would simply get slower and slower over time. With Bloat Buster, you can perform this needed maintenance whenver you like, without having to pay an expensive PC Technician.

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Easy To Use, Powerful Technology

Bloat Buster is designed to be easy to use. Simply launch it from your desktop or start menu, and click on the "Cleanup Wizard" button. The wizard will then take you through 2 easy steps to cleanup and optimize your computer. For more advanced users, Bloat Buster also offers customization of the cleanup process, and detailed information on each cleanup task.

Bloat Buster uses the best PC tuning technology available. In fact, it is the only program that optimizes all users on your system at once. What this means is that when you run Bloat Buster, all user accounts on your system are optimized at the same time. With other software programs, you would have to run them once for each user on your system.

Also, Bloat Buster is not a "registry cleaner". Cleaning the registry is a dangerous and error prone process, which is no longer needed. You can rest easy knowing that Bloat Buster avoids this unecessary risk.