Download OptiTune Management Server

Please email Customer Support to request a link to download the OptiTune Management Server.

Install Instructions

Download the OptiTune Management Server by requesting a link from Customer Support, and extract the contents to a directory on your
Windows 2019 Server (e.g. to "C:\otdownload").

There are two ways to install the OptiTune Management Server:

  1. Using the PowerShell script otinstall.ps1, found in the root of the install directory. This assumes you are running on a clean install of Windows Server 2019, and want to use Microsoft SQL Server Express 2019
  2. Using the step by step instructions. This is for more advanced users, or those using Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard

To start the install script right click on "otinstall.ps1", and select "Run with Powershell". You can also open a PowerShell window (with admin privileges), and change directory (CD) into the directory with the script, and then type ".\otinstall.ps1" to execute the script.

The script can take a while to run, depending on your download speeds. If it fails, it can safely be run again to complete the installation.

You can also view the OptiTune Management Server Setup Guide to see step by step instructions for manually setting up the OptiTune Management Server on Windows Server 2019, which are the actions that the install script will perform.

Post Install

After the install script completes, you will need to do the following to complete the setup:

  1. Create a DNS entry that points to your server's IP4 address, e.g. ""
  2. Install an SSL certificate, and add the HTTPS binding to the optitune website in IIS Manager. You can navigate to http://localhost on the server, but the HTTP binding should be removed, and only the HTTPS (secure) website binding remain in a production server. To get a free SSL certificate that is valid for 3 months, visit
  3. Modify the C:\optitune\web\web.config file with your DNS name, for the StaticContentUrl and DynamicContentUrl entries
  4. Register your first organization in OptiTune by visiting where you of course replace "" with your DNS name.

When registering your first organization on the self hosted management server (i.e. on the registration page), you can either use a paid registration code,
free registration code, or leave it blank to setup monthly billing.

System Requirements

  • Windows Server 2016 or 2019
  • 4GB RAM
  • 25GB Free Hard Disk Space
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 or 2019, Express or Standard versions