OptiTuneEnterprise Edition Yearly License

$23.40 USD Per Year

  • Save with yearly pricing
  • Only $1.95 USD / computer / month
  • Includes cloud hosting
  • Free Technical Support

OptiTuneEnterprise Edition Monthly Billing

$3.00 USD Per Month

  • Billed each month on actual usage
  • Only $3.00 USD / computer / month
  • Includes cloud hosting
  • Free Technical Support

How OptiTune Licensing Works

With OptiTune, you get a lot of flexibility in how you license the software. You can purchase licenses on a yearly basis, or sign up for a billing account to be billed at the end of each month on actual usage. Or, do a combination of both, buying yearly licenses for the bulk of your computers, and using monthly billing to automatically pay for any usage above your yearly licenses.

When buying yearly licenses, you will receive a registration code via email. Enter this registration code in the OptiTune management portal at "Server Settings" > "Licenses" to add the yearly license to your organization.

If you sign up for a monthly billing account, copy the Billing Token from your billing account to the Billing Page in OptiTune. This will link your OptiTune organization with your billing account. You will then be billed at the end of each month for actual usage. You can manage payment methods, view all invoices, current usage, and projected spend in the Billing Portal.

Cancel anytime, there are no long term commitments with a monthly billing account.

Other benefits of purchasing OptiTune Enterprise Edition

  •  Free, USA based technical support, available over phone or email. There are no per incident charges for technical support.
  •  Free upgrades to the latest version. We will never charge you for an upgrade while you own a valid license.
  •  Free use of the OptiTune cloud based servers, which are maintained by Bravura Software.
  •  You can also self host the OptiTune Management Server on your own hardware or cloud server, and even use monthly billing on self hosted servers.