5/11/2020 OptiTune v6.4 Released, adds Multi-Monitor support, Free Remote Connect Access for End Users
3/21/2020 OptiTune v6.3 Released, adds integration with CCleaner Business Edition, other improvements
11/22/2019 OptiTune v6.2 Released, adds REST API, web hooks, other improvements
7/14/2019 OptiTune v6.1 Released, adds site branding, vanity domains
4/13/2019 OptiTune v6.0 Released, completely revises UI and brings other improvements
1/30/2019 OptiTune v5.9 Released, adds Realtime Agent Telemetry, Revised Login Experience
9/24/2018 OptiTune v5.8 Released, dramatically improves Remote Connect experience
4/15/2018 OptiTune v5.7 Released, adds CloudBerry Managed Backup Integration
1/10/2018 OptiTune v5.6 Released, adds Search, Computer Metadata, and more
12/4/2017 OptiTune v5.5 Released, adds Monthly Billing
10/6/2017 OptiTune v5.4 Released, adds remote PowerShell
5/30/2017 OptiTune v5.2 Released, adds File Transfer tool and refined Remote Assistance, other fixes
4/27/2017 OptiTune v5.1 Released, adds realtime Task Manager and System Services tools
3/2/2017 OptiTune v5.0 Released, adds Remote Command Prompt for quicker administration
12/21/2016 OptiTune v4.9 Released, adds Prepackaged Tasks for rapidly deploying popular applications
10/27/2016 OptiTune v4.8 Released, adds Cloud Storage and CDN distribution of installer packages and other files
9/29/2016 OptiTune v4.7.1 Released, adds worldwide relay servers for better Remote Connect performance
9/13/2016 OptiTune Version 4.7 Released, adds two factor authentication and auditing
8/15/2016 OptiTune Version 4.6 Released
1/9/2016 OptiTune Version 4.0 Released, adds Remote Connect Feature and more
3/2/2015 OptiTune Version 3.0 Released
4/14/2014 Bravura Software announces Version 2 of Easy Computer Sync, which allows users to easily transfer data to a new computer
1/14/2013 NetworkWorld selects OptiTune as a Product of the Week
1/10/2013 Bravura Software Announces OptiTune, a Cloud-Based IT Management System.
7/6/2011 Bravura Software Website Redesign
5/14/2011 Easy Computer Sync v1.5 Released – Adds Drag and Drop
5/5/2010 Free Software for eligible groups
12/7/2009 Easy Computer Sync 1.2 Released
8/20/2009 Anouncing Easy Computer Sync
7/10/2009 Bloat Buster reaches 10,000+ downloads!
7/10/2009 Welcome to our Blog!