Try it free for 30 days

Please click on the following button to download Bloat Buster. This software requires Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, or higher.



After clicking the button above, you will typically see a dialog box like this:

Download Prompt Screenshot

Click on Run. Then, the Bloat Buster installer will download to your computer. After this finishes, you will see another dialog box like this:

Run Prompt Screenshot

Again, click on Run to run the Bloat Buster installer. Now the installer will show up.

Installer Screenshot

In each page of the installer, you should typically accept the default options, and click Next, or the option similar to it. Then, Bloat Buster will be installed on your computer, and will run after the installer finishes. Also, you can then start it from Start Menu > All Programs > Bloat Buster .

Note that in the "trial" version of Bloat Buster (which works for 30 days), it will only cleanup Junk Data files. It will also let you view how many Startup Programs, Installed Programs, or System Settings are slowing down your computer (by clicking on the "Details" link next to the system efficiency rating). To cleanup and fix these items, you will need to purchase a license for Bloat Buster.