Support Center

The OptiTune Support Center is a windows app included with OptiTune which runs as a "task tray" application on client computers. As the administrator, you configure which computers will have the Support Center application enabled, and the branding and contents of the Support Center application.

How does it work?

It is accessed either from a desktop shortcut:

Support Center Desktop Icon

Or, via the task tray icon in the lower right corner of the user's screen:

Support Center Tray Icon

When the user double clicks the desktop shortcut or task tray icon, the main window of the support center application is brought to the foreground:

Support Center Window

As the OptiTune administrator, you can select which support options are available to the end user, and can
customize everything you see in the main window of the Support Center application.

You can even completely change the branding to use your own company's information, and upload a custom icon file to use in the Support Center application (both in the main window, desktop shortcut, and tray icon).