Feature Description
Easy to use Wizard Interface Walks you through 3 easy steps to synchronize your data.
Tablet Compatible Designed to be fully compatible will all Windows 8/8.1/10 Tablets, with the exception of Windows RT tablets.
Netbook Compatible Designed to be fully compatible will all Netbooks. Works well on smaller screen sizes.
Designed for the Easy Transfer Cable Works with the industry standard Easy Transfer Cable. This cable is sold at all major electronics stores and online merchants, or directly from Bravura Software.
Transfer to New Computer Includes a dedicated wizard for transferring all of your data from an old computer to a new computer.
Drag and Drop Includes an explorer like view that shows both computers' file systems, and lets you copy files or folders between computers by dragging and dropping them.
Remote Control Includes an "remote desktop" feature that lets you control the connected computer from your computer. Useful for when you only have one monitor, or don't want to switch seats to use your other computer.
Synchronizes Document Folders Choose from an easy to use list of commonly synchronized folders such as My Documents, My Pictures, Favorites, etc…
Synchronizes Custom Folders You can also select custom folders to synchronize, including whole drives.
Customizable Sync Options Choose from various conflict handling methods, or set the transfer direction.
Simple Setup One simple installer installs all needed software.
Zero Configuration Required No complicated network settings, firewalls, or passwords to deal with.
High Speed Transfer Transfer files and folders at up to 480Mbps. This is the fastest way to transfer data to or from most Netbooks, and many other computers. Compare this to other transfer methods: Wired Ethernet 100Mbps, Wireless Ethernet 54Mbps, High Speed Internet (Cable/DSL upload) 1Mbps.
Secure Transfer Easy Computer Sync transfers all data securely over the Easy Transfer Cable. It's the perfect tool for those who are concerned about securely transferring their sensitive data.
Autosaves Sync Settings Easy Computer Sync remembers your selections for each computer you synchronize with. You can easily synchronize different folders for different computers, without having to reselect them each time.
Windows Autoplay Integration Plug in your Easy Transfer Cable, and Windows prompts you to launch Easy Computer Sync. Or, you can choose to automatically launch Easy Computer Sync when you connect your transfer cable.
Full Local Help System A comprehensive help system is provided, and internet access isn’t required to use it.
Automatic Update If selected during the installation, Easy Computer Sync will periodically check for and install updates.

Easy Computer Sync - System Requirements
Requirement Description
Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10
Processor 700Mhz or higher
Memory 128MB or greater
Hard Disk Space 20MB
Required Additional Hardware Easy Transfer Cable
Optional Requirements An internet connection is required for automatic updates