Feature Description
System Efficiency Rating Bloat Buster scans your computer to give it a rating as to how clean and efficient it is.
Cleanup Wizard This easy wizard guides you through the steps needed to clean and optimize your computer.
Multi User Support One run of Bloat Buster cleans and optimizes all users on your system at once. You don’t need to login for each user to clean their junk data!
Cleanup Junk Files Sophisticated and safe cleanup of junk data associated with the system, as well as popular applications.
Optimize Startup Programs Bloat Buster recommends a selection of Startup Programs to increase your system’s speed, but without disabling critical functionality such as virus scanners.
Optimize System Settings Bloat Buster recommends and can tweak system settings which will speed up your computer, particularly on Windows Vista™.
Optimize Installed Programs Bloat Buster shows you which programs are limiting your system’s performance, and offers advice as to what you should do for each such program. For example, if a virus scanner is known to slow down your computer, it will recommend removing it, and installing a recommended scanner.
Manual Optimization and Cleanup Supported For more advanced users, you can select which Startup Programs will run on your computer, or which tasks to perform in the Cleanup Wizard.
Detailed Descriptions of all Cleanup Tasks For advanced users who customize their cleanup in the Cleanup Wizard, a detailed description of each task is provided so you know exactly which actions will be performed.
Restore Old Settings Bloat Buster can automatically restore all System Settings and Startup Programs to their default state.
Full Local Help System A comprehensive help system is provided, and internet access isn’t required to use the help system.
Automatic Update If selected during the installation, Bloat Buster will periodically check for and install updates.

System Requirements
Requirement Description
Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
Processor 700Mhz or higher
Memory 128MB or greater
Hard Disk Space 10MB
Optional Requirements An internet connection is required for automatic updates