Configuring Windows Mail™


Windows Mail™ is included with Windows Vista™

Here are the steps needed to configure Windows Mail to work with Yahoo IMAP Connector:

1)      Open Windows Mail

2)      Click on Tools > Accounts…

3)      Click Add… at the right hand side

4)      Select E-mail Account and click Next

5)      Enter your full name, as you want it to appear in the “From:” field of email messages you send, and click Next

6)      Enter your full yahoo email address (e.g., and click Next

7)      Fill in the following information, and then click Next:

a.       Incoming e-mail server type: IMAP

b.      Incoming mail (POP3 or IMAP) server:

c.       Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) name:

d.      Check Outgoing server requires authentication

8)      Fill in the following information, and then click Next:

a.       E-mail username: enter your full yahoo email address (e.g.

b.      Password: enter your yahoo email password

9)      Check Do not download my e-mail and folders at this time and click Finish

10)   Select ‘’ on the left, and click Properties on the right hand side

11)   Optional: Replace the text ‘’ with a name of your choice (e.g. My Yahoo Email)

12)   Click on the Advanced tab, and enter the following information:

a.       Check This server requires a secure connection (SSL) under ‘Outgoing mail (SMTP)’

b.      Outgoing mail (SMTP): 465

c.       Incoming mail (IMAP): 27143

13)   Click OK

14)   Click Close